We Are Unique

What is Unique About HEAL?

Our Executive Director, Geriatric Care Managers and Health Advocates are highly regarded, knowledgable professionals from the fields of nursing, geriatrics, oncology, social work and mental health. We are well connected within the professional health care network, and bring a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and current practice experience to help you understand your illness, treatment, and care options in order for you to receive the best care possible.

HEAL provides a unique blend of health advocacy and geriatric care management services to adults with acute and chronic medical conditions. Our advocates and geriatric care managers provide expert care coordination, management, and support during medical crises, and chronic medical conditions, to enhance the quality of your care, and support your recovery.  Both advocacy and geriatric care management services are carefully coordinated, and directly managed by our Executive Director to ensure that you are receiving high quality care during the vulnerable times of illness.

HEAL is committed to remaining a small, skillfully managed health advocacy and geriatric care management agency. Despite strong demand for our services, we have elected to carefully monitor the number of clients under our care so we can quickly respond to the rapidly changing health care needs of our clients; IN PERSON; NOT BY PHONE.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and high quality care management.  Our care management practices are based on current research evidence, and professional standards of care.  HEAL is committed to putting into practice new knowledge, and innovations to improve our care management and advocacy services. We continuously evaluate our practices and client outcomes. Using a comprehensive performance assessment program, we rigorously monitor the quality of the care coordination and management that we provide for you.

You are in competent and compassionate hands with HEAL.